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    National Industries of Classification

    Section A : Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry
    Section B : Fishing
    Section C : Mining and Quarrying
    Section D : Manufacturing
    Section E : Electricity, Gas and Water supply
    Section F : Construction
    Section G : Wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles, Motorcycles and Personal and Household goods
    Section H : Hotels and Restaurants
    Section I : Transport, StoragE and Communications
    Section J : Financial intermediation
    Section K : Real estate, Renting and Business activities
    Section L : Public administration and Defence; Compulsory social security
    Section M : Education
    Section N : Health and Social work
    Section O : Other community, Social and Personal service activities
    Section P : Undifferentiated production activities of private households and activities of private households as employers
    Section Q : Extra territorial organizations and bodies
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